about Neil Jou Productions Inc

Neil Jou is a native Houstonian and CEO/ Owner of Neil Jou Productions, a company who has served over 10,000 clients and won accolades in 2012, 2013 and 2014's award for best photography and design services. To every strong household there is a solid foundation. Neil Jou is the founder of Neil Jou Productions. His life is filled with realizations that led him to turning his work lifestyle into a breathe to live lifestyle inspires many. His uncanny ability to take your vision, capture it and reproduce it into a proper representation of what you are trying to portray will instill you with pride. He will take your business, apply the most cutting edge visuals to it and lead our graphics team in the completion of your project. His goal is to make you look valuable and professional. By looking unique, we guarantee your professionalism and results will benefit. Here at Neil Jou Productions, our goal for your project is all about "Perfecting Your Image".  Read RH Brand Group interview with Neil Jou

Neil amassed incredible success as an entrepreneur where he found himself immersed in his passion for life. By taking his talents in visuals and empowering others, Neil has found himself up a path of experiencing eternal life. His discovery of looking within for the truth can be represented accurately in his new self published book, "Our Eternal Life". In his new book, he dives in depth of his profound perspective of freedom that will cover our souls with peace. Neil believes that freedom from the Spirit will lead to completion and rest for our souls. Neil's desire to live is contagious and his desire to share it with others is abundant. He has dedicated his life to share that our soul's desire to live for eternal and never see a world of death is limitless. This is evident in his inspiring lifestyle from : Our Eternal Life Book and NEOO Music.



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