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Video Editing
Video Marketing is a way of promoting your product or service through the use of motion picture. We help incorporate the right type of video into your Online Marketing mix, through the use of customized video sharing and YouTube. For samples of our work please watch our clientele video below! Watch our Video Gallery  photo associateclienteles_zpsaf0e5209.jpg  photo associateclienteles_zpsaf0e5209.jpg
  • Chamber of Commerce Video
  • 2014 CSTEM Challenge
  • Commercial for Cstem
  • Way to Abs Video
  • Rocko Music Video
  • Metroflex Gym Video
  • Lolas Hair Video
  • Fitness Giving Video
  • Tauscha Music Video
  • Infomercial Neil Jou
    • Play Info
    Info-Graphics Video
    This thing includes the process from creating a full animation story board,designing and then animating and also the sound design. Basically used for a company promo video or infomercial
    • Motion Effect
    Video Edit with Motion Graphics/Animation & Visual Effects
    This is a full Video production package which includes video edit, Sound design,Special Effects and Motion Graphics. Primarily used for Hi End commercial & Music production.
    • Play Edit
    Video Edit Plain
    This includes plain video editing. Useful for creating simple yet professional testimonial videos, interviews etc. The sound design will be provided by us.


    Video Editing

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    Latest Project

    • carousel-1386539304-Untitled-1.jpg

      104 KRBE Radio Station

      Photography session with the family at 104 krbe radio station. Custom design for holiday cards with production custom printing on 5x7 greeting cards with envelopes.

    • carousel-1372126028-dc cupcakes ad.jpg

      DC Cupcakes on TLC

      Design and Print for DC Cupcakes on TLC.

    • carousel-1372126689-rocko samsung ad.jpg

      Samsung Mobile

      Photography, Graphic Design and Printing for Samsung Song Galaxy S3 by Rocko Stedy

    • carousel-1372124658-1st step pro ad.jpg

      1st Step Pro

      Photography, Graphic Design and Printing Services for 1st Step Pro wellness!

    • carousel-1372127777-hamptonn inn ad.jpg

      Hampton Inn Hotel

      Graphic Design Services, Printing Marketing Package and Sign Displays for Hampton Inn Hotel.

    • carousel-1363122206-patriot appliance repair slide.jpg

      Logo Design

      Logo design for Patriot Appliance Repair along with car magnets and fridge magnet printing!

    • carousel-1363125188-sideline flyer slide.jpg

      Retractable Banner

      Retractable banners for Sideline Spirit!

    • carousel-1352747875-carousel-1351887802-ibuy realty proofs.jpg

      Realtor Headshots & Business Cards

      Realty Headshots and Business cards in production for iBuy Realty!

    • carousel-1357333963-background proof slide.jpg

      Brochures, Business Cards & Yard signs

      graphic design services with printing...trifold brochures 8.5x11 5000 qty, business card sets printed for all employees, yard signs for there on the job site posting!

    • carousel-1352747614-carousel-1351766806-kimdentistproof.jpg

      Diecut Silk Business Cards

      Graphic design and Silk Business cards with Diecut shape in production for Kim the Denstist!

    • carousel-1352747581-carousel-1351775951-aquaman.jpg

      Business Cards, Car Magnet and Tee Shirt

      1000 UV business cards, Vehicle Magnet, Tshirt Design in production for Aquaman Pool pro!

    • carousel-1352747602-carousel-1351775985-doorhanger.jpg

      Door Hangers

      Graphic design and 1000 door hangers in production for Pet Spa!

    • carousel-1352747639-carousel-1351776036-misawebb.jpg

      Photography Session

      Package B photoshoot with 8 print outs in production for Model Misa!

    • carousel-1352747651-carousel-1351767425-seawebsite.jpg

      Website Design

      Website design 10 page site in production for SeaBoard Controls!

    • carousel-1352747704-carousel-1351776060-sunshinebarberproof.jpg

      Business Cards, Envelope and Letterhead

      3 sets of UV business cards, envelopes and letterheads in production for Sunshine Barbers!

    • carousel-1352747716-carousel-1351767366-awakeninggods.jpg

      Photoshoot and Album graphic design

      Photoshoot package A, graphic design for 4 panel cd insert for Godswriter in production!

    • carousel-1352747727-carousel-1351776099-timluxxLOGO.jpg

      Logo Design

      New logo design for

    • carousel-1352747740-carousel-1351790276-amy dunn website design.jpg

      Website Design

      Website package 5 page design for Amy Dunn Photography!

    • carousel-1352747756-carousel-1351790331-rocko stedy proof.jpg

      4D Business Cards

      4D Business cards in the making for Rocko!

    • carousel-1352747783-carousel-1351790431-caravan thanksgiving greeting.jpg

      Thanksgiving cards for Caravan!

      Design and printing for 5x7 thanksgiving postcards!

    • carousel-1352747798-carousel-1351790492-incredible massage LOGO1.jpg

      Logo Design

      Logo design for Incredible Massage!

    • carousel-1352747810-carousel-1351790630-way to abs video.jpg

      Way to abs video!

      Video editing for!

    • carousel-1352747823-carousel-1351790725-make yourself strong kerri web.jpg

      Photoshoot and Poster

      Photoshoot and design and poster print for fitness trainer Kerri Hayes!

    • carousel-1352747835-carousel-1351887253-courtyard marriot proof.jpg

      Flyer Brochure

      Graphic design and 1000 flyers in production for Courtyard Marriot Hotel!

    • carousel-1352747861-carousel-1351887684-oak harvest WEB sample 03.jpg

      Corporate Headshots

      Corporate Headshots for Oak Harvest Financial Group

    • carousel-1352747892-carousel-1352223786-christopher lopez proof group.jpg

      Band Photoshoot

      Photo studio session package A + design and printing cd album package for Chistopher Lopez y Grupo Kompuesto!

    • carousel-1352748963-backyard lux proof.jpg

      Banner Display

      Full Color Banner display 8x14 2qty full color printing for Backyard Luxury!

    • carousel-1353438057-brett shoemaker project.jpg

      Photoshoot and Business Cards

      Photography, Graphic Design and Printing Services for Motivation Speaker Brett Shoemaker!

    • carousel-1352835026-colour proof.jpg

      Logo Design and Business Card

      Logo design, business card design and printing for Colour Means Nothing!

    • carousel-1353438184-carry speed project.jpg

      Brochure, Postcards and Banner Stand

      Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Banner Popups in production for Carry Speed!

    • carousel-1353438252-hampton inn project.jpg

      Brochure, Business cards and Postcards

      Brochures, Business Cards and Postcards in production for Hampton Inn Hotel!

    • carousel-1353438304-lakewood church project.jpg


      Graphic Design Services and Bookmarks for Lakewood Church!

    • carousel-1353438380-organogold project.jpg

      Photoshoot and Graphic Design

      Photography, Graphic Design, Business cards, Flyers and Banner Popups in production for OrganoGold Coffee!

    • carousel-1355422706-dj big lour proof web.jpg

      Logo , Cards and Banner

      Logo design, business cards and tristand banner for DJ Lou!

    • carousel-1355848525-carnegie proof business cards.jpg

      Spot UV Silk Cards

      Design and printing Silk Cards with SPOT UV for Carnegie Custom Homes

    • carousel-1357774201-dreamility LOGO slide.jpg

      App Logo Design

      Dreamility App Design with icon button

    • carousel-1355848563-umda rice bag proof.jpg

      Label Design

      Custom design Rice label for Umda Rice Company

    • carousel-1355862220-diego PRINT slide.jpg


      Congrats to Diego, here is photography package for his graduation photos!

    • carousel-1356036461-tiki glam shirt slide(3).jpg


      Photo shoot for new Tshirts with TikiGlam, the entire production team, Yasmine - photographer, Jason-makeup, Tiki wardrobe!

    • carousel-1357774164-small business successful LOGO slide.jpg

      Logo Design

      Small Business Successful Logo

    • carousel-1359746791-tooth fairy mockup sample n 10 sample.jpg

      Diecut Foil Stamp Cards

      Diecut shape Silk Cards w/ Teal Foil stamp, design and printing in production for Tooth Fairy Dental!

    • carousel-1363122383-kim denstist proof slide.jpg

      Sticker labels and Flyers

      Graphic design service along with printing product, flyer 4.25x11, 3.5 round uv sticker labels and much more!

    • carousel-1364411154-background proof.jpg

      Brochures & Plastic Cards

      Graphic Design and printing on trifold brochures and plastic gift cards for Mattress Oulet Online!


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